Dating advice for men

How to get a hookup back and become a casual sex winner

Sometimes, our hookups leave for good. It also often happens, they do not plan repeating the one-night-stand with us at all. But if we liked them way too much, we may want to get them back.

“I am not trying too hard in a bed with my Fillipina hookups”, Diana shares. “No matter how hard you try to please them and show all possible skills, they’ll just put you to their one-time hookup list.

So, instead, try to impress them with your femininity, acceptance, your human side. Be a good listener if a guy is in a mood to talk, accept his kinks and special preferences if he has some.

It will differ you from many other girls he may get laid with, and he’ll want to come back again. This is how it works for me, and I can make any guy hookup with me one more time and longer.

Another trick is kissing a lot and showing with your body language that you really like a person. Usually in hookups, people do not kiss much, because it creates the emotional link”.