Dating advice for men

How to text your ex for a hookup for one night only

Feeling too lonely for going out with a total stranger? Texting to our ex is often considered safer by people. But how to make sure it will be just a hookup site without any consequences?

“I’ll do your favourite thing”

Two long-term lovers always share bedtime secrets not known to their casual partners. If you promise to take care of your ex’s kinky preferences, you’ll most probably meet up again.

“You’re still the best”

This confession can be expressed jokingly, but it will flatter your ex a lot, still. We care more about the quality not the quantity, and we like when someone calls us the most qualitative.

“Something happened to tell you”

If your ex is a curious person, you surely can create the situation favourable for your meeting and hookup. But don’t use this trick if you aren’t sure whether it will lead to sex.

“Be my handyman and I owe you dinner”

If your ex is helpful by nature, ask about some urgent help and promise the dinner in return. The dinner can easily end in a bed.