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How to Win the Heart of Poltava Women?

Poltava WomenThis question is almost the most important in the topic of women’s seduction and effective communication with them. In this article we will tell not only chips, but also how globally, once and for all life, become a magnet for Poltava women online.

At our great online dating platform  you’ll have the opportunity to find thousands profiles of Ukrainian women, as well as useful tips. Let’s start with the basics how to win woman’s heart, and then move to the chips.

A social pyramid or what qualities should be shown for a girl?

Let’s talk about what masculine qualities usually attract girls. The same qualities usually possess an ideal man from the top of the social pyramid. Everything is very simple – all women need either a prince on a white horse, or a man who is significantly higher in the social pyramid, occupies a higher than the female stage.

So, here’s an example – you come to the club, and there are different girls dancing, some, long-legged beauties for some reason, they do not even look at you, but you would like to get acquainted with them. But there are more ordinary girls, less groomed, but they somehow look at you and smile.

Everything is explained very simply – those long-legged girls have already appreciated you and for some criteria they’ve realized that you are not above them in the social pyramid, or at the level with them, but they need the best man. And other girls immediately have seen that your position in the social pyramid is higher, and they are interested in you.

So, in this situation your task is in a very short time of communicating to show that you have some qualities of a man from the top of the social pyramid (prince on a white horse). Here are these qualities:

  • Physical strength. You see, since the time of the dinosaurs nothing has changed, the best females get to the strongest males;
  • Strength of mind. That is, the ability to do what you want and do not do what you don’t want;
  • Your ability to speak beautifully and competently, as well as clearly, correctly, clearly and freely, expresses your thoughts and your position;
  • Having money or even the ability to handle them;
  • The ability to influence someone. On subordinates, on friends;
  • Charisma;

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After you’ve read all these qualities – start immediately on them. The process is not easy and not fast, but to become the best, you must always sweat. It is urgent to start getting better both externally and internally. You need to pump your male rod. The fact is that you need to first develop all these qualities in yourself in order to win girl’s heart. Even without any pick-up techniques and chips in your life there will be more girls, and, let’s say – more “High-quality” girls, if you start to develop all these qualities.

What verbal tips should be used?

Here are some tips that you can tell her: “You are a very unusual girl.” We must say that the girls are extremely curious, and they will always want to know what is so unusual about them. You always can say something like – “you have very unusual eyes … especially right “, or “you have very unusual gait”. Why unusual? – just think for yourself and tell her. The most interesting is that the girl can be quite ordinary, but you tell her that she’s unusual. Some other verbal tips:

  • “Your lips are very unusual. There are several forms of the lips – aristocratic, peasant, etc. I have not decided yet what you have “;
  • “You have a very kind and positive nose. You have a very kind face “;
  • “I just want to understand – you’re a good girl or not, that’s why stay with me longer”;
  • “You look gorgeous, only this handbag does not fit here (you tell her that no one else will ever say)”;
  • “What kind of guys do you like most of all?”;
  • “You are like my first love by the way.”

All these phrases should be tolled kindly and with the smile.