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Love via dating sites: Russian women as ideal wives

Dating4Is there any difference between Western and Russian women? Well, the issue is disputable. In Western countries, girls grow internally independent. They are not used to vail own health or habits. They know female rights and know how to defend them.

Thus, men find them too pragmatic and hardly charming. Just as Slavic girls, women of the West know how to run the household, care for children and husband. At the same time, they devote a lot of attention to own desires. These ladies are aware of own worth and never go soft on a husband, children or parents.

Opposite to a popular opinion from the opponents of mixed-race marriages, European and U.S. men are not looking for just housekeepers. They are attracted to beautiful, intelligent and educated girls.

A visionary man understands: a clever girl will learn the language. They will not feel bored, since good upbringing and education, as well as an adequate cultural level of Russian women are the pledge for a happy family life. Besides, these girls know how to dress in a sexy and attractive way. It is a matter of good taste. It attracts men’s views. Having around an attractive, charming, faithful and caring wife and mother of children is really great.

Foreign men say Slavic girls are often indispensable in difficult situations. As long as a man is seeking for ways to solve the problem, his wife instantly finds a way out. She always shares a difficult situation with him. Surely, friends admire at a couple like this.

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With regard to family conflicts, ladies from Russia are more likely to compromise. In other words, anyone needs is to see the life as it is. Making a universal tragedy out of usual problems is incorrect.

Focus on family is an important factor to attract men to Russian women. Females of the West are in no hurry to get marry and have children. Their main priorities include study, work and travel. Family is in the background, you know. Besides, the laws are so strict to exclude all forms of sexual harassment. Men are afraid of showing even the slightest initiative. Saying a woman has beautiful legs and luxurious hair is inconvenient. Now way even for the most innocent compliment!

Getting acquainted is quite difficult. Even if you happen to catch a delighted man’s eye, he is to immediately hide his head, turn red, and show sincere repentance of “sexual harrasment”.
To answer a question of why foreigners are attracted to Slavic girls, try to grasp why the girls seek to marry a citizen of another country? First, they really believe that one and the only is walking somewhere on the other side of the world. Secondly, the important role is played by an economic situation in the CIS countries and abroad: unemployed compatriots deserve no attention.

What about Western men? They also feel disappointed in “their” ladies and believe in the one and only beloved that exists somewhere far away. Men open the pages of online dating web sites and find thousands of profiles of beautiful and educated Russian women, which compose the majority on such resources. Nothing ventured – nothing gained, you know. Why not taking a chance and try own luck?