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Russian woman’s beauty, myth or reality?

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There is a wide spread opinion about the beauty of the single Russian women, but some people think that it is nothing more than a myth, and Russian women hope that their appearance will make them competitive with their Western competitors in the battle for the foreign grooms, the truth is that the first “wave” of Russian women beauty has fallen and men do not consider them that beautiful anymore, this way their interest towards them has decreased. So if being serious upon the matter is it a myth or it is really true that Russian women are the most beautiful women in the world.

Richard has written a review about Russian women, and he mentioned that he never saw in his life even one Russian woman or Russian child who wouldn’t be absolutely gorgeous, and that the average Russian woman, is way more beautiful than any most beautiful woman in the United States. No wonder foreigners as soon as they come to Russia or Ukraine in order to visit the women or women they are corresponding with feel their selves like children in a candy bar, and it is really true. While walking in the streets in United States, you can barely see an attractive woman, and those ones you see are either married, or on their way to. Same situation is in Europe, men experience a serious lack of pretty women.

A lot of foreigners say that they are amazed of the quantity of beautiful women on Russian dating websites. And here is an opinion of a Russian man who immigrated to Germany more than thirty years ago, he wrote “if you see a pretty woman in the street, than she is either from Russia, or Ukraine or Poland, but she is certainly not a German one.

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Same situation is in Holland and Denmark, as a result we come to the conclusion, where Russian women really are the most beautiful women in the world, and this is a logical opinion which is proven by a variety of facts.

And no wonder that when you ask a foreign man why did he come looking for a wife in Russia each man would answer because of the beauty of women in this part of the world, as usually a beautiful woman is a strong woman that can do anything she wants with a man, simply by moving her hips in an attractive way while walking.

Thousands of men are buying the addresses of single Russian women while communicating with them on various dating websites, as for them it is a sort of warranty that the woman they are talking to is serious, and it is not a scam at all. And as soon as they come for a first visit to the ladies who captured their heart during correspondence, there is no way for them to leave those women without making a proposal or at least making clear their feelings and intentions towards those women.


As the psychologists state no matter how men would say the opposite thing, the first thing they do about their woman is falling in love with her with their eyes, they see the woman, the curvaceous shape of her body, the beautiful smile, and there is no way in the world they could ever let go of that feeling, as this is how the mother nature has worked on that.

There is a certain explanation why there are no pretty women in Europe or America, many centuries ago people believed in the existence of witches, whom they were burning on a fire, and for them the crucial feature of such a woman was the fact that this woman is beautiful. So they were burning mostly young and beautiful women, as a result the beauty “gene” was diminished in those regions of the world, but men are not stopped by this fact, that is why they keep looking for their beautiful ones in the other parts of the universe, and one day they certainly succeed in the moment when they bring a Russian bride in order to become their legally wife and life partner.