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Russian women: why we seek them at dating sites?



In international dating services Russian women are considered undisputed leaders to receive the biggest number of letters. Why are they so attractive for Western men?

Mysterious Russian soul excites practical men’s minds, causing admiration and delight. What a man needs to be reciprocated? To answer this question, try to grasp what Russian women expect in a search of a foreign husband. A girl like this is looking for a seemingly incongruous combination: western consistency and stability coupled with Russian romance and generosity.

For historical reasons, Russian women possess both European and Oriental character traits.
What does this mean? Being mostly educated and culturally developed, girls are still not infected with feminism: a disease that has long struck European and American females.

For Russian women, a man is not just a legal husband or boyfriend to enthusiastically demonstrate own success, independence and self-reliance to. He is her hope and support, a real man to trust and feel secure and confident.

“Eastern” character of these girls involves giving a man the right to vote. Probably, it will be the last word in solving many important family issues. In a Western husband, a girl appreciates firmness, consistency and ability to protect family rights.

Seeking for a male behavior, Slavic girl gladly welcomes your willingness and skill to participate in domestic affairs: being a really excellent housekeeper to nurture family nest, she will 100% thankworthy, if you wash the dishes or batter in a nail.

Beauty, grooming and cleanliness: these are characteristics of a Russian girl. Resorting to all imaginable and undreamt-of tricks and expenses (even with a penny-ante salary), they succeed to look stunning. Note: a man’s carelessness and self neglect are not excused. Smartness and a skill to dress with care are the things to attract a Russian woman.

Why do Slavic girls are different from Western ladies? Support of a loved one, warm heart, care, sympathy and readiness to compromises beneficially project against prudent and quite selfish living standards of the West. Not focusing on own “I”, personal interests and career aspirations, Russian women are ideal partners.

What is required from you? An indifferent attitude towards a wife and children, willingness to help and make sacrifices if necessary (for the sake of family).

Seeking for foreign partners, most Slavic girls receive good education, develop thinking and broad-based knowledge. This makes them perfect interlocutors to never get bored with. A partner’s intelligence is a sine qua non.

How to leave a lasting impression and please a girl of this kind? Well, not so much to do. Just be a man: honest, kind, responsible, romantic, indulgent and just loving. Be that strong arm and stone wall to hide a gentle woman from all of life rigours.

That’s the secret. They are not better. They are not kinder. They are just tolerant. Their personal rating scale of values features more divisions: in the areas where western regulator overshoots, the Russian device keeps on going.

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