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Russian Women’s Expectations from Marriage

russianwomensadviceYou were dating for a certain period of time, then made a proposal and finally she has become your wife! Congratulations! You are indeed a lucky and we guess a very happy man! However, the fact that you have conquered her heart over and got her body and soul doesn’t mean you need to forget about your wife and consider her your big prize! The care and love do not finish after the wedding! If you continue your courtship after a wedding, you will be bewildered how cool the contact with your wife would be. So, if you are looking for Russian women advice, then keep on reading what Russian ladies wait getting married.

When you marry a Slavic lady, it doesn’t matter that after a marriage she will become a hermit. Russian women are as a rule more sociable then men. That is why Russian brides look to communicating with her husband that will last for a life-time. Still they will also need some time for meeting their friends, beauty procedures, hobbies and etc. Men also have their expectations from marriage and that is why the partners should reckon with each other’s interests.

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Russian girls expect compassion from their mates. Their sense of compassion is much higher than by other nations and many men simply do not have it. Russian women tend to help the helpless while men look for the understanding of the situation and what can be done to be helpful in it. Due to this sense of compassion the woman faces the moments when she is in low mood. The best way in such a situation is showing your compassion to her by giving her a hug, kissing her, telling her you love herm etc; this will definitely reassure her.rusiansex

Russian girls expect an infinite care, love and happiness and romance, that is why you shouldn’t be forgetting special events and just bring flowers or tokens of attention for no reasons. The main reason is you cherishing her and treating like a queen opening doors in front of her and making her feel special even when she is sick and doesn’t look her best.


Russian women like affection. Your affection will show your wife you guard her.  Affection is the first-rate way to display your loyalty and love providing her the sense of security. You can tell her how you love her, compliment her looks, but also show her affection in public by holding hands, embracing her, expressing your gratitude to her, offering her help when she needs it and comfort and support her.

Passion is what any man is happy to see on the list of Russian woman advice, this is for sure, but if you do not follow the points that are enumerated above, it would be difficult for a Russian woman to remain passionate about you. Russian women are happy to enjoy intimacy with one they love, but if you acknowledge her as a woman and treat her correspondingly.

Good luck in conquering your Russian wife’s heart – a journey that will last for a life-time!