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Tips for finding a spouse in Russia.


It is very hard to find a husband abroad, especially if you are a single mother. Veronica was thinking upon this issue for ten years, while her son during this time was growing up in a family without a father, and her own clock was ticking as well, now after finding her soul mate she advises all of her friends not just to sit there in the corner and do nothing, but to get up and do something in order to find that one and only man, as this is a must to do in order to find that female happiness everyone is looking for. Life of a lonely person, is boring, poor and looks pretty much same every day, same menu every day, same boring conversations, and even same people around. Usually when a person get depressed, little by little this person is surrounding itself with people who are also depressed that it the thing that leads to even deeper depression from which it is very difficult to get rid of, but it is a must to do for the simple female happiness. There is only one life to live, that is why it would be good to start living it instead of wasting it on things or people who do not deserve that. For women a good advice would be to start looking for a simple man, and not the “Prince Charming” as tales is meant to stay in the books, by the time when real life is something that is more important. It is good to be down to Earth. The other important step to make is to change yourself, and your life, to change the way it is going, its routine into a row of unexpected but sweet moments. When you look for your second half it is very important not to lose yourself.


Lana (thirty three years old) has wrote that running through photographers and various marital agencies has changed her life for good, as she got a new aim and hope, new interests and new things to worry about. A girl from province whom she was, who was drowning in poverty and hopeless about the future, suddenly decided that the situation is not that bad, and little by little started doing changes, she appeared in a modeling contest, and that has given her lots of self confidence, needed so much on order to succeed. The increased self esteem has helped her appearing in fashion shows and even on the television, she kept corresponding with a few men, whom she chosen and considered to be good ones. She got the passionate desire to change herself, and her life. So she did that, and she never regretted. When Bruce visited her the first time she realized that he is the one, and since that moment she cut off all the other correspondences, and never regretted about it. Sometime later after they got married she realized, that if she wouldn’t feel happy with the person she is, she would probably lost her chance to be happy with Bruce.

Her female happiness has depended on the things that she had, but due to lack of self esteem she was not able to use it properly in her own interests. So a good and worthy advice to everyone would be to start working upon happiness from changing your own views about life. First of all it is a need to start loving yourself, as people tend to look at you and treat you the way you are treating yourself, so if you are not fair to yourself, and deep down in your soul believe that you do not deserve happiness, or having such a great person by your side, or having a rich life, then eventually that is something that you will get as a result.

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It is important to keep in mind that love, happiness and harmony are coming out of your heart, you cannot buy it, but you can use the one that you have in your soul, and it will always help you out at the top of your desires. Make an order in your head first, and you will immediately see how there will be made an order in your personal life too, very soon.

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