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Western men seeking Russian women: reasons



Why are Western men literally hunting for Slavic brides? Are Russian women so different from those ladies living in more affluent countries to make foreigners spending a lot of money just to marry them? Some of them come to Russia several times to get things done!

Here is what Western men generally think: Slavic girls are kinder, more caring, and economic, while trying to be good wives. Women of the West are too materialistic, demanding and spoiled. To some extent, this is true. Russian women look better, dress nicely, stylishly and tidier in everyday life. At home, they seem to be more gracious and warm.

Saying the West offers no beautiful women is rather wrong. Yes, pretty ladies live here too. Well, what distinguishes Slavic women is their desire to please. They are feminine, give a sea of warmth and charm. European and American ladies are sweet, smiling and quite friendly, but they are cold.

Growing up in an affluent society, they are too independent and self-sufficient. They are strongly aware of their rights, being confident of not enduring any inconveniences. The first question they ask themselves when seeing even the smallest difference: why do I need it? Such lady is not accustomed to make compromises. The more beautiful a woman is, the more confidence of getting the best in life she has. She wants a beautiful, athletic, intelligent and educated man, as well as high material security and relentless self-care. In a family life, this character trait involves infinite intolerance.

It’s not the case of spoiled or bad temper. It’s just a Western woman failing to have that mental mobility to be in a situation with not losing the integrity of her own “I”. This is a key point to affect the approach to family life. With a disagreement on any issue, a western woman always acts within her own understanding of the right problem solution. Assured of own probity, she not hesitates going against her husband’s actions. Makes a compromise, she feels deeply unhappy, while always reminding a man of the step.

For Russian women, compromise is a lifestyle. They feel natural to adopt a husband’s behavior and mode of action. This does not mean she avoids an attempt to influence a man. She just accepts and not rejects.

A place in a woman’s life that is given to family is another objectively existing parameter, which is crucial for foreigners. Slavic girl puts family above career. Western men refer to it as an “adherence to traditional family values.”

To a large extent, this position is formed for decades of the Soviet system. A Soviet lady faced almost no chances to reach high position, while men always felt easier to move up the career ladder. Legislation aimed at plunging a woman into family life: seeking to increase birth rate, the state granted women with the longest terms of maternity leave. For western women, a position of housewife is rather derogatory. To feel happy, they need reaching certain professional heights. Well, high professional position provides high living standards. Though, men are looking for a very different attitude.